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About Rae

I’ve been poking and prodding at technology from my earliest days on this Earth. My fascination with computers has lead me to some interesting roles in my career. As a freelance website developer, a CTO, and Digital Manager I’ve been through feast and famine, but always come out stronger in the end.

These days, I specialize in Search Engine Optimization and fixing broken websites for small businesses who are struggling to grow online. I’ve been part of the WordPress community since 2011, and I’m currently part of a diverse marketing team in the higher education sector.

When I’m not untangling wires and boosting signals at work, I’m usually trying to find inspiration and joy in the world around me. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I began living my authentic life as a transgender woman, and I also use this blog to share my perspectives as a parent, a partner and a professional in today’s diverse workplace.

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